Great Lakes Living History Presentations
Invite the Great Lakes Woodland Alliance to your Living History Event

The GLWA participates in many Living History Encampments across the Midwest and Northeastern states.

Living History Events:  Members of the GLWA are able to provide a wide range of educational offerings within our camp circle. Our general theme is Native Lifeways. Under that heading, we offer an ever-changing array of activities to interest the public as part of ongoing lifeways activities within our camp circle.. Some of our current offerings:

      Woodland Drum

      Life in the Wigwam

      The art of Quillwork

      Woodland Pottery Making


      Weapons and War Parties

      Hunting and Trapping

      Bow and Arrow Demonstrations

      Indigenous weaving techniques

      Flute making and Musical Instruments

      Body Decoration Painting and Tattooing

      Woodworking with the Tomahawk and Crooked Knife

      Woodland Gardening and Foodways


The above listed activities vary and are subject to change. In addition, we are available to plan and provide authentic Woodland styled combat scenarios, as well as participate in tactical battle reenactment.

If your organization would be interested in booking the GLWA for your event, or arranging for any of our Individual Presentations, please contact us at:




 We are able to work with contracts you provide, or supply our own.

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Great Lakes Living History Presentations